⭐ How could you play like someone with 3-5 years of piano learning experience, after just 9 months?
PMI’s unique formula-based TOUCH system is a step-by-step and easy-to-learn method.
After mastering the formula system, students can translate that to many songs spontaneously.
After 9 months, you will be surprised at your ability to play hundreds of your favorite songs.

⭐ How can you play the piano and sing in church meetings, home groups, and school etc…
This course will train you to master the formulas so that you can play hundreds or even thousands of songs,
including songs downloaded online or those given by worship leaders, singers etc.

⭐ How will this course be conducted?
Students attend a fortnightly class on alternate weeks (1 month 2 lessons),
Each class will be conducted via Zoom with teachers and will run for 90 minutes.

After the lessons, students are encouraged to practice at home daily.
They may do their revision with the recorded videos anytime before the next lesson.
They will post their homework every two weeks for checking and feedback by teachers,
and students will be able to compare their progress with each other.

⭐ What is the cost of this 9 months course?
The 9 months course fee is affordable and reasonable.
Average is about Rm100+ or S$/Aud50 a month.
Special discount is given when you enroled on the preview day!


Please choose either one day to attend:

16 July (Sat), 8pm – 9.30pm KL/Perth Time
(Conduct in Mandarin)

17 July (Sun), 4pm – 5.30pm KL/Perth Time
(Conduct in English)

23 July (Sat), 8pm – 9.30pm KL/Perth Time
(Conduct in Mandarin)

24 July (Sun), 4pm – 5.30pm KL/Perth Time
(Conduct in English)

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