Have you thought of becoming a pianist in few months?

Yes, it is possible!

It is possible to become a pianist playing in the first 3 months and then completing the training in 9 months!

Are you facing one of this challenges in learning piano?

If you are facing one or more of this situation...

We can help you!

PMI uses formulas and is easy to learn.

Students may apply the formulas and improvise different styles of playing to suit the occasion and atmosphere. For a happy atmosphere, students will play happy rhythm, and sad atmosphere, students will play sad styles of playing to suit the atmosphere.

In PMI , students are taught to play by ear, chord improvisation, and spontaneous accompaniments playing to accompany song leaders.

Our Main Instructor

Dr Pastor Irene

How is it taught?

It is a special dual teaching: Live zoom and Online teaching.

You dont need piano in class, a special canvas piano will be provided. (WOW!)

Students will not miss any class as students may attend the bi-monthly lessons in live zoom and online anytime.

It will be conducted in English and Mandarin. 

You just need a handphone or computer to start the lesson.

Why you should come for the course preview

What you will get from this preview